Tusker Trail is the oldest official climb company, now operating  46 years on Kilimanjaro. Never outsourced,and family owned, our offices are based at the foot of Kilimanjaro in the town of Moshi, and in the United States. We lead over a thousand intrepid adventurers just like you to the summit every single year with a 98% success rate. As the oldest and the most respected climb company in Tanzania, even the Kilimanjaro National Park rangers, as well as other company's guides, reach out to Tusker guides for help and advice. You can rest assured there's no safer placed to be on Kilimanjaro, than on a climb with Tusker Trail.

Being the leader in experience and safety isn't the main reason our climbers choose us over the big commercial brands. Climbers choose and recommend Tusker Trail because of founding guide Eddie Frank's ability to embed the feeling of wonder and excitment into every single route Tusker Trail offers.


Eddie Franks's first thrill of adventure manifested when he led his first of cross country expedition across the African continent in 1977.  Eddie found himself and a friend in two British ex-army Land Rovers, leading a dozen adventurers across the Sahara Desert on the first of many expeditions through Africa, back when a  climb up Kili's summit was how Eddie ended his trans-African adventures. The camaraderie and passion for discovery on that first journey was invigorating. It hit a nerve, and that's when he made it his mission to create treks centered around this life changing thrill of discovery. 

During the 46 years since his first summit, Eddie has used his knowlege from his 52 personal Kilimanjaro summits to  personally customized every single detail of each climb so that it's 100% focused on providing the same thrill to climbers, that he felt leading this first expedition. Today, Tusker Trails 5-Star rating and steller reviews proves Eddie is accomplishing his goal with every single climb.


Tusker's Kilimanjaro climb narrated by Will Lyman from National Geographic.


As you engage your primal need to explore, you team up with the most experienced and trusted Kilimanjaro climbing company. Tusker has a 98% summit achievement rate over 46 years on Kilimanjaro. You climb confidently with the most elite guiding team of medically trained High Altitude First Responders, who have been guiding for us for 20-25 years.

  • Your guides are medically trained High Altitude First Responders, and with laser-focused skills they do more than just keep you safe, as they also boost your spirit.
  • Your mountain chefs, trained by the Culinary Institute of America, create delicous meals designed to fuel you on your journey.
  • Tusker's chefs are supplied with fresh local vegatables and protein everyday for your meals.
  • Tusker's tent accomodations are huge walk-in tents that have been personally designed by Eddie Frank for comfort and safety.
  • Our guides and porters are our family and as a founding member of KPAP we not only pay top wages, but also provide retirement and medical benefits.
  • Our safety equipment and gear is simply second to none. After 46 years, Tusker guides reputation as the "Lions of Kilimanjaro" is well earned.
  • You're not just provided sanitary toilet tents, but Tusker also provides showers are well. (camping routes only)
  • Tusker has been active suporting the local community working to improve the lives of Tanzanian's since our inception in 1977.


Learn everything you need to know from Eddie Frank, as he shares his 46 years of expert climb advice.

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As an international trekking company leading expeditions on multiple continents for the last 46 years, Tusker has teamed up with some of the world’s top wilderness doctors and organizations, each one an industry leading organization. We utilize their expertise along with our own to stay on top of our game and run our treks at the highest standards you’ll find across the globe. Tusker Trail enjoys World Class Status among an elite cadre of high-altitude physicians and researchers.